Monday, August 30, 2010

To catch you all up-

On Friday we visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. It was very interesting to see his home and learn about where he drew from for the architectural style of the house. We couldn’t take any pictures inside the house, but it was very neat to see different tools he had used when he wrote. More specific, one that would make a copy of his writings, as he wrote! There were many other unique things about the house. The grounds were beautiful! He had a vegetable garden that was 1000 ft. long- that sure inspired me to make a big garden! Here are some pictures from his house and grounds.

Yesterday we visited Baltimore. We took a tour of Fort McHenry. In the War of 1812 it was there that Francis Scott Key saw the American flag flying and wrote our Star Spangled Banner. We unrolled out a duplicate of the original flag that was flown, which was 30’ x 42’. It was enormous! We actually saw the real one at the History Smithsonian. After visiting Fort McHenry we sat around the bay area, ate lunch, and took a tour of a ship that was used to free slaves in the Civil War, The USS Constellation. 

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  1. Thrilling! very fun! love the kitchen in Thomas Jefferson's house!