Saturday, August 21, 2010

East Coast Trip - Plane Ride & Following Morning

We had a great plane ride. First we flew to L.A. and had a 2 hour layover. Then we flew to Pittsburgh and got in around 6:40pm EST. As we drove into Ohio, the sun was setting in the horizon with corn fields spread out miles into the distance. Most of the farm houses that we passed had small lights in each of the front windows creating a peaceful setting. The crickets chirped loudly and lightning bugs flew gleaming over the fields.

We girls are staying at my great uncle and aunt's house. They own a feed and grain farm (which is very extensive). Attached is a video showing part of their property that we explored in the morning. Much to my surprise, we woke early this morning (6:30 EST, 3:30 PST) and felt refreshed and ready for a fun day. Of course, our aunt and uncle were up many hours before. We sat out on the porch talking to Aunt Joanna and enjoyed the warm fresh morning air, while drinking our perky coffee. After eating breakfast, we took a long walk around the farm buildings then discovered that the land across the street was Uncle David's so we went for a jaunt through the cornfield and surrounding area. Because the grass was still wet with the morning dew, we returned to the house and fired up the John Deere gator. Below are pictures of our exploration.

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  1. Wow! I know I've said, "There Is Something About A Farm", but this... this farm is really SOMETHING!

    And Naomi - you're really something too, putting together such a well-made little video on the fly!
    Lovely! Lovely!

    And Victoria and Veronica, you know what I think about you ;). Just remember, I am always "following" you in my heart (if you know what I mean). And that goes for your mom too! I love you all.

  2. Thank you. There are more picturesque farms pictures to be posted in future days.

    The twins say, "We know what you mean." :-)

  3. You tell Dave and Joanna that if they were in Wichita they definitely would have to be in one of the garden tours. their garden is just spectacular!

  4. Hey girls..:) my thoughts are the same as leahs!!! I knownjonathan would love loving somewhere like that...and Naomi u needto be equipping me I wana make videos on the fly and post em on my blog!!! WOW...anyway u all look like ur havin a great time...wish I was part of the "fam"..:) we miss u u all so mug have a great rest of ur time!!!

  5. Thanks Molly, The program we have one our MAC makes it real easy to make videos- I'll have to show you! We are definately having a great time! We miss you too-