Monday, August 30, 2010

Philadelphia - Independence Hall

Today we visited Philadelphia, the home of Independence Hall. This is where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed. It was incredible to see the actual room that congress met, and to see George Washington’s chair with the engraving of the sun on it. It is the only original piece of furniture that is still around. We got to see all the rooms that congress would meet in and dine in. We then went to see the Liberty Bell. To think that was the actual bell that hung in 1776! It truly felt like we were walking through history!
You can’t go to Philadelphia without having a good Philly Cheese steak! We had heard about the famous “Genos” and decided that was the place to stop for lunch. It was simple but very delicious- you can’t miss it if you ever go to Philly.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful videos especially for the clips of the rally. I enjoy seeing history through your eyes! Bless you.

  2. When do your adventures end?? When are you returning to us!!!

    - Sue

  3. Don't worry Sue, we are returning Saturday Evening!