Monday, August 23, 2010

Horse Riding and more...

Today was a pretty moving day. In the morning we went with Uncle Dave & Aunt Jo to a hardware store. Upon returning, we brought home about 30 freshly picked tomatoes from my grandpa's garden. Aunt Jo taught us how to make fresh tomato sauce. It was delicious! I hope to plant many more tomatoes next year and can the sauce. She canned about 18 quarts today. After completing the sauce making, we went out to ride horses with our second cousin Chelsea. She owns 5 horses and keeps them here at her grandparents. It was so much fun to be able to ride them, and learn about horses. After riding the horses, we took a 3 mile walk with Chelsea to another cousins house... they live in a log cabin! It is amazing, with animals mounted on the walls that their dad hunted.

After dinner we returned to the farm and helped Chelsea clean out the barn, then drove the gator off and built a fire to burn the trash. It was a lot of fun looking at the fire that overlooked farm upon farm. Then we ended the night with brushing down her favorite horse, Lucky. All together it was a fun day with lots of action... I won't be surprised if we wake up sore.

Beginning our walk
a view on the walk

another view

inside the log cabin

The Log Cabin


  1. That looks soooo fun! Thanks for letting us share in your enjoyment - day by day. (Joe thinks the horses look really fun.)
    Bless you, Grace K

  2. SO MUCH FUN!! Kaylee sat and watched the "neigh neigh video" at least 12 times. She kept saying "there's Vic there's Ver on a pretty cute horse ;) Enjoying your posts! Looks so beautiful!

  3. Hi all,We love your video clips, your photos and your comments!

    What a ball you all are having. Riding in the country surely beats riding in a ring, doesn't it? From the clip, though, it looked as though your bottomside got plenty of bumps. How is it feeling now?

    Maybe you'll share the special Aunt Jo recipe form tomato sauce when you get home. The tomatoes here should be just about ready.

    Love, Grandpa and grandma

  4. Hi Girls,

    Just to let you know Rachella and I are enjoying your posts. What a great way to keep in touch!
    I'm sure your grandfather was very blessed to have such an enthusiastic, equipped work force arrive. What actually were you doing?

    The Lord bless you, cause His face to shine on you, and give you peace.

    Your friends,
    The Martucci Family

  5. Hi Williams,

    Nathan and I enjoyed reading through your blog and watching the videos this morning. Wow what a wonderful vacation.

    Nathan especially liked the horses. After 3 times of watching the video very closely he said "Mom they are doing the horses all by themselves, no is pulling them. I want to do that."

    Bless you all,
    Enjoy this special time together.

    The Kirks

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I am glad we could entertain your children with the horse video!

    Amy- I am glad you are enjoying reading our blog. We were tilling the gardens for my grandpa so we could weed them easier, and the boys were re-roofing his garage-


  7. Hey girls, Everything looks like so much fun from the farm to beeing in D.C.. You are inspiring us for a family vacation 10 years down the road when our children would enjoy doing something like that. I want to learn how to post videos like yours on my blog. We will keep following you, be sure to follow me to!!!
    Love you