Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally...

Today was the day for the Restoring Honor Rally. Well, actually our day started last night. Hearing Glenn Beck talk on the radio about how people were already claiming their spots for the rally, we decided if we wanted to get good seats we had better go to D.C. the evening before. So we left the arrived at the Lincoln Memorial around 10:30pm. There were a couple hundred people already there, so we squeezed our way through and found an open area right next to the fence (about 70 yards back from the stage, which was actually a really great spot).

My dad, Jordan, Vic, Isaac and I got our camping chairs set up and we were set up for the night. Yes, we stayed up all night, made friends with the people around us and enjoyed talking! I know it sounds crazy, but it was actually really fun (apart from not getting that much sleep). We counted the hours going by and every hour the grass area gradually filled up with people more and more. By 6:00am it was pretty full.

We waited and waited until 10:00, then finally up on the big screens a video about restoring honor began playing. Six people sang the National Anthem. It was one of the best versions of the national anthem I have ever heard- it resounded throughout the entire national mall, and it made you proud to be an American!

Following the National Anthem, Glenn Beck was introduced. Roars and cheers came over the crowd. We then saluted all the men and women in the Armed Forces. A mother of a soldier who had died in 2005 spoke about her son. Then Sarah Palin spoke to honor men and women who serve our country. She introduced 3 specific men who had fought for our country and gone beyond the call of duty, when it seemed the worst of times. It was truly an honor to honor them.

Here are some pictures showing a little bit of what it was like, as well as a small part of the event on video. We will post more parts of the event tomorrow. (we videoed the entire rally)
About 2:00am
check out the crowd!
To Glenn Beck's right is Daniel Lapin, David Barton and Sarah Palin


  1. Up all night!!! Sounds like something that would be right up my ally. Did you have some type of caffine to help you? We watched the speeches on TV and it's true it was very awsome. Especially at the end when everyone sang "Amazing Grace." So glad your having a good time, just keep the pictures coming for us ignorant folks here.

  2. Thank you for the video clip. Keep them coming. I'm sure it was an event to remember.

  3. Sorry but the first time I commented I didn't listen to the National Anthem. But now that I have, all I can say is WOW!!!Awsome!!! That gave me the shivers. I can't imagine how it must have been being there. Amazing so glad you videoed it.

  4. It definitely was an event we will always remember. We are going to make a highlights video and post tomorrow. Yes, the national anthem was incredible, I thought it was the best version I have heard!

  5. Hi all,

    What an exciting day (and night) you had! Did you sleep 16 hours last night to make up for the night before?

    Love you all!

    Grandpa and Grandma

  6. Very exciting! Sleeping outside looks very fun. We watched some of the rally here, but it will be nice to see your highlights. Thank you

  7. my family and i are enjoying sharing these clips and videos with you. glad you get to have a part in some History. see ya soon.