Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Adventurous First Day in D.C.

Today was a long day. First we went on a tour of our Capitol. The rotunda was very, very large. All the artwork was amazing - original paintings of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and more. The next room was the Hall of Statues. There stood 35 statues of famous men from 35 different states.

Next we went to the Library of Congress. The ceilings were decorated in beautiful paintings. We got to see one of the Gutenberg Bibles and also Thomas Jefferson's Library full of old, old books.  Next we went to the Botanical Gardens which were full of beautiful plants. (there are too many pictures to post!)

We ended the day at the Smithsonian of American History Museum. This took us hours to go through and still didn't see it all. It was full of history for everything from famous inventors and American wars  to Presidents and First Ladies. There was so many pictures that I'll just have to post a photo gallery and upload it so you can see them, but don't worry you will get to.

Here are just a few pictures from the days adventures. (altogether we probably took a couple thousand pictures)

The back of the Capitol Building

The Washington Monument.
A hall in the Library of Congress

A look at the front of the Capitol
Another view of the front
The rotunda ceiling
The hall of statues


  1. Hi girls. Thanks for keeping us up on all of the history you are getting to experience first hand. I was watching Glenn Beck last night and he was saying that he had taken his family to Martha's Vineyard museum which was so great because there was not a dime of government money invested, but you learn so much about George Washington. Just a thought if you're able to go. Thanks again. Oh and if you go to the Washington Monument even though you they don't let you go up the stairs try to see if you can get pictures from the elevator of the scriptures enscribed in the walls.

  2. WOW and I thought our capital was big!!! I can't imagine how it feels to be surrounded by so much history. I don't have to say I hope your having a good time but I know you are. I will be anxious to see the pictures.

  3. Hi all (again)

    I was halfway through posting a comment on your account of this wonderful and exciting day when somehow I lost my text. I wonder if it was sent off to you unfinished. Well, I'll give you a brief summary of what we said. We were first just so excited about the places and things you have seen today. And then we began to reflect on the thought that today you have had one of the most awe-inspiring experiences any of us can have: putting your footsteps over the very places where people long-gone once walked--people whom you know well and admire tremendously. It is humbling to realize how much people who have gone before us have done so that we, whom they never knew, can live better lives. And from that thought comes the inspiration to devote some of our energies to making life better for generations to come, people whom we never will know either.

    Do you plan to visit the Smithsonian again? It's so huge that you could visit it every day for years and still not see it all, let alone really absorb all the information inside!

    We'll be eager to see all your photos and hear about your favorite places. Good for you to keep this blog. It's so special to have a running account of your experiences. Years from now you'll read what you have written, and you'll suddenly be 19 again and visiting Ohio and the East Coast!


    Grandma and Grandpa