Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Farmer's Market and Merry Edwards Winery

This morning Victoria, Jordan and I went and had coffee a little cafe in old town Windsor. Afterwards we saw that the farmer's market was just getting started so we took a little walk through it. We ended up purchasing some homemade coconut granola and lemon curd. At the end of the market we saw a BBQ stand called Charlie's BBQ. They gave us delicious pulled pork sandwiches, salad rib eye steak and a cool refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade. It was super yummy!

Where we had our coffee

The Farmer's Market

Local Produce

The granola we got!

Our mid morning meal!


The BBQ Pitmasters!

Next we ventured over to Merry Edwards Winery. Those who were of age did some wine tasting and those of us who weren't watched and listened. 

Naomi enjoying the wine!

Then we walked through the vineyards.  It was beautiful.

After that we headed over to Bodega Bay where we had a gorgeous view of the ocean. 


  1. Simply gorgeous!!! Noami looks right in her element:)

  2. Sounds really fun!! Your mid-morning meal looks scrumptious :) If you go to the Farmers Mkt again their is a stand that has pita chips and all kinds of homemade dips - it is really good!!

  3. Great pictures, it really captures the uniqueness and looks very fun!