Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exploring, Relaxing and Golfing...

First thing this morning the girls and my mom went to explore the towns of Healdsburg and Windsor. I love towns like these with old fashioned buildings. They are so pleasant to walk through. We visited antique shops and little boutiques.

Mama Pig BBQ

A chute boutique store

Just our style


 Later we played shuffle board, sat by the pool and read.


Shuffle Board

The yard where we are staying

 We then played an evening round of golf. It is always so pleasant to end an evening of golf.

Just getting started

Ike and Ver's team

A beautiful view

Doesn't look too good...


  1. Looks fun! That second to last picture is beautiful!!!!

  2. Very nice, I was just asking Sam today if he would go golfing with me sometime! Have Fun. your pictures are almost antique or filtered looking what are you doing to them when you shoot them? I like them.