Thursday, August 4, 2011

Malm Exclusive Look...

The other night when we were playing golf I did a terrible shot and it ended up near the green where Brendan Malm, owner of Malm Cellars was playing. He invited us to take a look at his winery and see the way they bottle their wine, as well as have a tasting. How could we decline?
Today we spent a few hours learning from him about some different wines, how they are aged, and the different unique things his business does. He sells to hotels such as the Beverly Hotel, Trump Golf Course, Four Seasons etc... So you see, very exclusive...The older kids got to wine taste a few of his wines. He also gave Veronica and I our own bottles of wine for when we turn 21... he was very generous...

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

He then showed us how they bottle the wines, cork them and label them. We got to do a few of our own. It was quite fun! Here's the process...

We begin with filling the empty bottles with wine:

We then put a cork in it with this machine:

Then the label is applied and the wax seals the top:

Once we finished up there we then went out to lunch with him to a nice little local restaurant and got a good burger! It was lots of fun.
At Lunch


  1. ...and all because of a bad golf shot! :-) See you soon!

  2. I know some people who will be very jealous of that experience! What a happy happenstance :-) Glad you guys are having fun.