Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just when we thought adventures were over...

Today we went to Canton, OH.

Yes, some of you may be asking, "Why Canton?  What is in Canton?"

While others of you will gasp in surprise, "Canton! Not the Canton."

Canton is the birthplace of football and the house of the Football Hall of Fame.

Yes, that's right folks, the one and only Pro Football Hall of Fame. It has everything from the history of football, the hall of fame room, history of every team, lots of in-game uniforms, footballs, helmets, cleats, play-calling recordings, interviews, theater showing the road to the Superbowl (it would be amazing to watch a Seahawks game on this TV), the Vince Lombardi trophy, to all the Super Bowl rings and lots more.

Yes, it's a football fan's paradise. 

Here's a few photos of just some things we got to see there.

The Entrance

The First Football and Helmet

On our way to the hall

The Museum

Yes, it's Steve Largent

Dan Marino

NFC Championship Trophy

The Seahawks showcase

AFC Championship Trophy

The Hall of Fame

Guess who is the man in the middle?

Hall of Fame

Steve Largent's football

The First Hall of Fame Gold Jacket

The Vince Lombardi Trophy

A section of a field outside the building


  1. THE HALL OF FAME!!! Wow you guys! Do the adventures ever stop? Glad you had such a great vacation:)

  2. Aunt Bev, he was a wide receiver for the Seahawks for his whole career. He is the only player inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Seahawk.

  3. Great! May I borrow your photos for school? I know thirteen boys who would have loved to have been!

  4. We have been browsing again over all your postings, including this one on the Football Hall of Fame, and are amazed at the different experiences that you have had! What's the next wonderful adventure to be?

    Grandpa and Grandma